Intergalactic Traveler

Hi, I am Artificer Creator, an indie developer, I make everything from the programing, game design, music, publishing, marketing and graphics. Please take in consideration this is a one-man army.

Intergalactic Traveler is an Arcade Game, the goal is to give a lot of content to the player, while it is in range of 2 dollars.  I am aware that underpricing a game is not good for the industry, it actually can hurt other indie developers, but the reviews by gamers set the price to this level to make it rentable.  Depending on new stuff added to the game the price could go higher, however I will try to keep it at that level as long as I can. I can even do free DLC if you support my work, thanks in advance.

You can play the old version of the game for free at, an sponsor site.

If you have feedback, let me know your thoughts on the game as well, thanks in advance.


For contact support you can mail to: